The site that doesn't exist
BethanyM : How do I get it Luelinks?
Mr T ; Don't exist foo'!
by Yellowshirt May 01, 2005
Top Definition
The place that doesn't exist, owned by llamaguy. If you don't have LUE access, chances are that you will be more successful accessing Area 51 than LUElinks.

There is over a lifetime's worth of porn, roms, etc. there, as well.
"LUElinks? I've been there, but I don't have an account... I mean, Area 51!"
by Mikles February 02, 2005
This site does not exist.
sexxychick42: "hey have you been to LueLinks?"
LOLButsecks: "NO. It doesn't exist."
sexxychick42: "oh."
by Felix Drylock March 16, 2005
LUELinks could be described as the jedi order of the internet, one simply cannot join this elite establishment - you are born as a LUElinker.

however this analogy is somewhat flawed seeing as LUElinks is exceedingly evil.
LUE2 is gayer than carson kressley.
by FruMp March 18, 2005
It's just a blank page that asks for a username and password. No matter what you input, you will get an error message saying that your data is incorrect. Nothing past the welcome page exists.
The site that doesn't exist.
by Cybertic Dragon February 28, 2005
If Jesus was a website, he would be LUElinks. Well, without the messy crucifixion.
I would fuck LUElinks if I could.
by morpheus March 08, 2005
a place that LUE2 members with small penises try to insult, but they only ever end up embarrassing themselves
"Hey, some guy from LUE2 is insulting a place called LUElinks! Maybe this LUElinks place sucks!"
"Actually, I heard LUE2 members have small wangs"
"Oh, you're right, they get mass thumbs downs on
by mcgoogle March 16, 2005
A place said to be pure fiction where LUEsers can talk with eachother and get links. At the moment hated by LUE2 because LUElinks pwns there ass and they know it.
If god would have created a website in his image, That website would have been LUElinks.
by Darke March 14, 2005
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