1.The site that does not exist

2. Massive sorage house for all the net's porn, warez, and massive amounts of free boxes.
1.Q: Whats LL?
A: Don't Exist Foo!

2.Q: Where can I fond massive amounts of
porn, warez, and free boxes?

A: LueLinks
by Pazz May 01, 2005
The site that doesn't exist
BethanyM : How do I get it Luelinks?
Mr T ; Don't exist foo'!
by Yellowshirt May 01, 2005
A synonym for non-existant, based off the popular community that doesn't exist. Check for yourself www.luelinks.tk
Guy 1: Man, I went out with this hot chick last night...
Guy 2: No you didn't, she's luelinks.
by N. Duncan March 23, 2005
LUElinks is the secretive internet society where lots of internet terrisiom is planned and executed from, they invade other forums, spam people, cause people to commit suicide, and it doesnt exist. Simple as that. If you are a member there, you can find unlimted amounts of porn,piracy, hilirity, basically anything you could ever hope to find in life is here. It is the Fort Knox of the internet. And there is NO chance of you ever getting in due to the fact that you have to be a LUE member and you cant signup anymore.
LUElinks planned and executed the attack which ended up DOSing LUE2.
by Mr. Finkelbottoms March 25, 2005
A site that causes jealousy from alot of faggots at LUE2 and other such shithole spinoffs.

But it doesn't exist.
Fag: I'm a LUE2er. My name is gay.
Fag 2: Man, LLer is so much cooler.
Fag: What's LLer?
Fag 2: It's a site that PWNs us, but it doesn't exist.
Fag: Oh. I'm gonna go suck a horse dick now.
by Lifelong Lueser May 01, 2005
A forum which LUE2ers wish to get into but are too homosexually inclined to do so and are quite jealous of the large penises many LL members have as is obvious in their crappy definition.
LUE2er:OMG I'm a fag and have a small penis. Curse you LL.
by Lue Shi May 01, 2005
Haters of soccermoms and Toobis.
Lovers of hentai and Vin Diesel.
They are become LUEshi.
Destroyer of worlds.
I did something incredibly stupid and annoying. Now I have hate email in the hundreds, a truckload of empty boxes and they somehow got my phone number.
by mabaroi August 04, 2005
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