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The place that doesn't exist, owned by llamaguy. If you don't have LUE access, chances are that you will be more successful accessing Area 51 than LUElinks.

There is over a lifetime's worth of porn, roms, etc. there, as well.
"LUElinks? I've been there, but I don't have an account... I mean, Area 51!"
by Mikles February 02, 2005
A brilliant programmer in ASP. Runs his own spinoffs, at ricapar.ath.cx. IMO, if he were to learn PHP, he could become the next Jay. In the future.

Also known for being a conspirator in the first LUE2 shutdown, although no one really cares... except that he's KoS at LUE2.
Old Skool GameFAQs.
GameFAQs Clone 2.1
Thinger V1.
by Mikles February 02, 2005
The Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Social board at Gamefaqs. Is known for its extremely social users, broad range of discussion, and "The Shinies". However, due to a massive inflow of n00bs from the FESB, as well as other events, the PRSSB fell to its knees, and following the creation of the Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green Social board (FRSB), the many users of the PRSSB emigrated, and the PRSSB died, after a year.
*^*"The Shinies" Shiny luck and discussion center v.#!*^*

Here we go!
by Mikles November 13, 2004
The "new" name of snake, the administrator of LUE2. It doesn't help the fact the site has a bad reputation, although I still go there..
Out with the old, in with the new, eh?
by Mikles February 02, 2005
What you get when you combine-

A rascist
An internet troll
A brilliant progrrammer.

dcm is the owner of the radiance message boards, as well as the programmer of its source code. He owns uberleet.us, and what used to be hazelhood.net. His younger brother, "Hiei", is notorious for hacking numerous spinoffs, including one of Mikhajist's old message boards.
"Mikhajist is a worthless french faggot who does not know how to code."

As you can see, I have put all three definitions into a single quote by him.
by Mikles February 02, 2005
One who could be considered the official rapper of LUE2.com. Although owned by Mikhajist during a battle rap, rapping in general, on message boards bored him, and thus, recognizes Lunatock as the best rapper at LUE2. However, only time can tell, until Mikhajist decides to take the throne once again.
Also known for causing Mikhajist to flame him in a battle rap. This was because Lunatock made rascist comments in a controversial topic.
by Mikles February 02, 2005

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