a totally awesome place thats totally awesome. its awesomeness is sop awesome, that any persons head would explode upon viewing the awesomeness. it also has a site that tries copying the awesomeness, lue2, that constantly fails at this.
LUElinks is so awesome, LUe2 cant even begin to measure up.
by rtb May 01, 2005
A Mystic Tale of a Nonexistent Site that has been passed down from Hacker to Newbs.
The land was able to grant your wish of what ever kind of content you heart desired.
I have searched the web over for the mystic site called Luelinks and have found a Unicorn, the 4th Dimension and the Taco I threw into the time portal, but I have turned up Nonthing other than whats in AREA 51.
#lue #lueshi #porn #gamefaqs #links #lue2
by Never Was January 07, 2009
Supposedly a site that originated from www.gamefaqs.com, you had to be a member of gamefaqs before the year 2004 to get access to the site. Tight-knit community with 8500 members or so that does not allow outsiders supposedly illegal things go on... Warez, Hackers, Porn, and other stuff like that.
This could be a site with content that can be found anywhere else on the internet (most likely). This could also just be a plot designed to create hype to attract members for when the site opens up to the public. It also might not exist and people willing to go along with the fad are being dumbasses. It could also be a great site that will never be open to the public (least likely).
#luelinks #secret #community #area 51 #special #lies #fake
by Octanum June 05, 2006
A syndrome in which one has the feeling of " Living unhappiness everyday." This mood change some how affects others by it's cheeriness.
After suriving his double by-pass surgery , John was under the affect of Luelinks. He couldn't be happier.
#mood #mind #redbull #state of living #manliness #usher
by dannybat November 06, 2007
Big, geeky/nerdy forum on the internet. No more, no less. Isn't open except by invitation, kind of like Fight Club. Except it's not fight club, it's just a big forum.

First Rule of LUElinks: Don't talk about LUElinks.
Second Rule of LUElinks: Don't talk about LUElinks.
I just got several hundred thumbs down from members of LUElinks. Hey, maybe they posted a link to this definition?
#endoftheinter.net #loulinks #luelinks #lue-links #lue links
by Huge Carpet August 21, 2010
is God...
In all of his royal red and black splendor.
Pretty much a forum that these kids go to to trade stuff thats already on the net elsewhere, and believe they are gods themselves, but they aren't, only the website itself is. (you hear that? stuck up little fucks! you should be ashamed of yourselves. if you are gonna make a private website, keep it private dammit)
I guess the average joe only wants access because they don't have it, and that which you don't have is always what you want the most (that might even be a murphy law...too lazy to look it up.)
by the way if you want an account just mail me at ksdfje(at)gmail.com
Dude1: Have you been to luelinks? I hear god is there watching porn and eating a 10 gallon tub of Ben and Jerry's IceCream!

Dude2: Foo! Luelinks is God!
#god #lue #life universe and everything #horseshit #foo
by God5 January 16, 2008
A private site on the internet run by an user by the name of Llamaguy that has many pieces of highly illegal material. They use megaupload to upload porn, software, movies, and tv shows. They have an arsenal of box and bible links so they can send masses of either to people they hate.
luelinks just boxed Jack Thompson!
#illegal #porn #lueshi #lue2 #hacking #cracking #software #movies
by lynxthedark December 29, 2007
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