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This is a noun describing anyone who you relatively dislike for obvious stupidity. It is also used as an adjective often in the past tense. It is to ruin something, insult something,or to describe getting fucked over.
1.I got tatorheaded out of a great time when my mom got home and cockblocked me.
2.I tatorheaded my younger sister's volcano project because she is a little cockblock.
3. Get outta my face, tatorhead.
by Higmo April 27, 2006
An illusionist and escapist among other things. He died from being punched in the stomache by the strongest man that ever lived. He is the only man who can escape a blackhole.
Henry Houdini just saved Stephen Hawkings from a blackhole! WOAH!
by Higmo February 03, 2009
A lucy is a girl especially from New Jersey. It refers to Lucy the Elephant; a landmark in a town called Margate close to Atlantic city. It is a girl who is fat but glamorous just like the elephant; a fat pretty girl.
That Lucy left the pizza parlor with a huge slice but I'd still tap that.
by Higmo July 24, 2005

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