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5 definitions by flamingsword

A British slang term formed by the contraction of "What are you up to?"
"Wot'cher up ta?" devolved into this now-common greeting. See also wotcha.
"Wotcher, Harry! Good to see ya, mate!"
by flamingsword May 23, 2005
Originally "built like a brick outhouse" this term meant any project that was appealingly overdone or a level of quality that was better than was necessary.
Wow, your girlfriend really IS built like a brick shithouse.
by flamingsword September 03, 2004
Samma'el or Hala'el, both meaning "bringing the Light of God", Lucifer is the Latinization of the Hebrew name of the angel leading the forces opposing Yaweh, or Yehova. Latin "lux, lucis"= light, and "ferare"= to bring.
Lucifer, the Light Bringer, was cast into the Void for his rebellion.
by flamingsword September 03, 2004
Acronym for 'Better Living Through Chemistry', or in other words non-medication drugs.
You rave kids have the BLTC lifestyle going on. Can I get a hook-up?
by flamingsword June 06, 2005
The most looked-down-on large city in Texas, Dallas has the highest crime rate of all the Top Ten Most Populated cities in America.
I live in Dallas. Yay me. *hears sirens in the distance*
by flamingsword May 23, 2005