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Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone that is known for its intense blue color.
Many uses of it are:

-vases and much more.
It is best found in Kokcha river valley of Badakhshan in Afghanistan

--All of this info is from wikipedia! I take no credit for this information--
-Did you see the ring my husband got me?
-Oh it's beautiful!
-Yes! It's made of Lapis lazuli
by RHINOXIAN August 30, 2009
it's a pretty ass mother fucking color before the twilight sets while the sun is setting
Wow that Lapis Lazuli right before twilight is really sick ass
by Hayley-Mae January 06, 2009
A word that you can say instead of fuck. So your grandma will still keep you on her will ;]
Okay so you stubbed your toe in front of little kids.

"oh Lapis Lazuli"

Then when the little kids ask what that means you can just tell them that it's the color of the sky before night falls.
by Hayley-Mae January 06, 2009
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