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Nickname for the city Anaheim in California.
Only cool people live in Anacrime.
I <3 Anacrime.
The only fag in Anacrime is Lucas.
Anacrime is rolling deep!
by EdderA February 24, 2008
A term used for a person who can easily attract hot girls without trying.
Kris is an edder, you can tell.
Lucas is an edder, but instead of girls, they are guys.
The homie mute is rolling deep because he's an edder!
The edder's here are Sergio and Rene.
Alex can't possibly be an edder, girls don't like him.
You can tell Daniel is not an edder, he's the opposite.
by EdderA February 24, 2008
A girl that a guy likes, but the guy is too shy to talk to the girl. Rodilla is a spanish word for "knee".
That girl is the rodilla of Lucas.
She is Alex's rodilla.
Edder is tough, he has no rodillas.
You have three rodillas, what a pussy.
by EdderA February 23, 2008
When a group of friends get together in search of girls. It may be a place, like the mall, park, etc.
Yesterday we went rolling deep, but Lucas likes guys, so he was not rolling deep.
Edder brought some girls from the mall, he is rolling deep.
Sergio and Rene are talking to the hot girls, they are rolling deep.
by EdderA February 23, 2008
A term used to call someone if they are gay and like to do activities that little girls usually do.
Luis is a lucas, he watches Hannah Montana and is a fag.
That lucas got his ass kicked by Sergio.
Edder and Sergio know that their friend is a true lucas.
Lucas, stop watching that pussy show!
Rene and Alex are playing with barbies, they are definitely lucas's.
You can tell Jorge is a lucas.
by EdderA February 24, 2008

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