Luca is a good looking, charming guy who is always in for a good laugh. He is nice, kind hearted and most of all, he is incredibly good looking. Whenever you are in a bad mood, he will be there to lighten up your day and make you smile. Anyone who has Luca as a friend can be really lucky. Life is better with Luca in it.
Man, that dude over there must be a Luca. Pretty much sex-on-legs!

Gees, I really had a rough day but Luca was there to cheer me up. What an incredible guy.

I wish Luca was my boyfriend!
by July 26, 2016
Smart guy, works hard. Stable relationships. Dirty sometimes. Don't get on his bad side or he'll bring you down
1: I just said that Luca's mom was amazing in bed!
2: OH NO! You're doomed.
by Blab Man January 13, 2016
The main character of Mother 3, the third installment of the Mother series. He is accompanied by his dog Boney, a girl named Kumatora, and a thief named Duster. They (just Lucas) destroy the masked man, who is the commander of the pigmask army. He is special since he can pull the seven needles and he can use Pk Love, a PSI move that only certain people in the Mother universe can use.
Lucas used Pk Love! The pigmask became tame! You won! You got 300 xp!
by MooshroomManGamer December 07, 2015
Extremely handsome and attractive kid and gets the ladies and is sick at Lacrosse
Kid:He's such a Luca

Other kid:I know right
by Nongajoe123 November 10, 2015
Super fly and can do anything, he is a natural leader but is super intelagent; he may not get all the girls when he was younger but he get who ever wants when he's older. Described as frinds as: bad ass, daredevil, the best, can do any thing or even hella dope; he is a fashion influence to other even though they may deny it.
Hot girl-" OMG who is he "
A friend-"oh that's Luca he can do anything,

Other friend-" yeah he's like the coolest mother fucker I know"
Hot girl-"we'll I know who's coming home with me tonight"
by 💸 May 19, 2015
Super fly as a motha f**ker
He is most likely the most popular kid in town and is a greqt friend. Has beautiful blue eyes, and has a perfect tan. Is usually very skinny though also irresistible. They are usually very smart and know how to party hard. The enjoy music so much that you will almost always hear music from there house. If you ever have the chance to date them or be friends with them, you should take the opportunity remebering that they are the most attractive person you ever met.
Girl one: Do u see that hot boy over there?
Girl two: Ya he has too be a Lucas
Lucas is a very good overall person
by Kid in the box December 19, 2014
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