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Home improvement store of the third kind.
I went to Lowe's today to find tools to fix my spaceship.
by CecilBOY April 13, 2008
12 9
Sometimes referred to as "Slowes" where a situation has been documented that a Lowes store had to go over to a Home Depot to buy lumber just to fill one of their contractors needs. Not only this but they did it in a Lowes rental truck! Genius. Many stores are also seen as clean and tidy but the truth is, they have no customers due to having no associates.
Hey, let's go over to Lowes where we can't find anyone!
by DirectorOrange April 23, 2009
21 33
a lowe is a girl who is flat chested and very hairy. they are often around 6ft tall with size 10 feet. most lowe's have a huge dong hidden beneath their amazon of pubic hair.
"dude did you see that lowe?"
"no what was it like?"
"man there was hair coming out of everywhere!"
"ew she's such a lowe!"
by smdnowplz May 29, 2011
16 45
Basically means "Fuck's Sake"
Used to show distaste or the undesire to do something
1: You wanna go to the shops?
2: Lowe it can't be fucked

1: (drops ot coffees down himself) LOWE IT!!!!!!
by Grandmaster Picks November 24, 2008
25 70
the fobtastic pronunciation of "love". it is usually pronounced like this from our parents, uncles, aunties, appachas, ammachis, and a good international student here and there.
dad said, "i lowe u monay."
david replied, "wtf dad? we're in america now."
by davidandanita November 06, 2006
30 97
maths teacher who screams constantly...
"insert name here" SHUT UP!
by cheapo October 14, 2003
16 88
When you are amazing in bed
"Man, that chick last night was Lowe!"
by hunterdawg November 11, 2009
15 90