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Something spoken that is deep and profound
dood that shit is so quantum
by Detognaphone December 21, 2010
when you are ghostin' you're in such a good mood that nothing can touch you or bother you, just like a ghost.
today was amazing i'm ghostin' up in this shit
by Detognaphone December 21, 2010
anything having to do with the hallucinogenic drug salvia, can also be used as a replacement for trippy or anything relating to hallucinations in general.
That's so tapernyeka
by Detognaphone December 21, 2010
not to be confused with "nonchalant", something that is unchalant is something that is totally not cool in the slightest.
man my favorite pipe busted!- dood that's totally unchalant!
by Detognaphone December 22, 2010
Low rider car,
I'm representing for the gangsters all across the world
Still hitting them corners in them low lows girl
by Detognaphone January 01, 2011

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