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Pronounced l- owe
forget it!
dont bother!
Shall we go get crabs? no, lowe that!
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
1. Verb indicating that one will not do the action referred to.
2. Expression indicating that one will leave behind an object
3. Expression indicating that one will not bother with something
1. Do we have Maths now? Lowe that!

2. Where's my phone? Meh, lowe it!

3. You have to do your homework. Awww... lowe that!

4. I'm just going to lowe the chores.
by Anon User. November 16, 2007
Lowe is like cba

said like 'loud' but with a W instead of a D
'wanna come to the shop?'
...'Lowe that!'
by Scoot! October 12, 2008
A term used to describe the epitome of toolness. Someone who is so incredibly toolular they need an entire hardware store to separate themselves from those of lesser tool status.
Karl Rove is a tool
Dick Cheney is a tool box
Dubbya is a Lowes
by TiCbeast May 17, 2008
A large group of people, like a physical group or a school or club. The term meaning those people are tools and Lowes is filled with a bunch of tools.
Barry is over there in Lowes.
by Walstrom May 29, 2007
Tempory workhouse facility for retards. Occasionally sells home improvement supplies
I just got back from Lowe's; it's going to take me hours to get the drool and shit off my clothes.
by The Alyx of Troy September 22, 2007
Home improvement store of the third kind.
I went to Lowe's today to find tools to fix my spaceship.
by CecilBOY April 13, 2008
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