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A Monay is a person who is like sooooooo totally awesome. She is sooooo sexy and you wish you were her. She's almost as awesome as lizzie. Hi Matt.
Monay is cool yo.
But lizzie is cooler. okay? luvv you
"hey, do you have any monay?"
by clarkiey July 13, 2008
This word was coined originally in Quebec, Canada, after a mispronunciation of the french expression "mon oeil".

This expression (while literally meaning "my eye") can roughly be translated to "my ass" or "bullshit".
Girl : So I like totally drank an entire bottle of vodka to myself last night. I was sooooooo drunk!

Clever Guy : Monay!

Girl : Yea, you're right. I had 2 glasses.....
by Modest_Light September 25, 2011
(1)an ilonggo word (a Philippine dialect) which means vagina. its use is more generic in nature, and therefore more clinical and less vulgar.
(2) a kind of bread that has a slit shaped in the middle, resembling a woman's vagina.

synonyms: kingking, bilat, pukik, putay, moning
Kiputa monay mo!

Keep your pussy shut!

Ma kaon ko Monay!

I'll eat Pussy!
by deypootahGIRL April 08, 2010

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