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To be assisted by a female in the act of self-pleasure. After the act, the couple goes to a McDonald's where the female orders McFluries(see McFluries). Frequently, the two have never spoken. Traditionally, it occurs during the Lenten season. A regional custom of Shrinetown, Louisiana.
Man 1: So, me and this girl were totally lorking last night!
Man 2: So you missed Law and Order!
Man 1: SVU!?!?
Man 2: Man, I wish I could lork with Mariska Hargitay.
Man 1: AHHHHHHHHH!I would lork with her all night long, until the McFluries got soft, if you know what I'm sayin'!
#booty #mcflurry #law and order #lmao #juke
by Mark Elizabeth Lorker March 06, 2009
half loser and half dork
That guy is a lork!
You are a lork!
#loser #dork #lork #dumb #stupid
by More Beeker April 28, 2007
A very mild exclamation for use in polite company. The fuller version is "Lorks a lordy" if you have a need for a more vernacular expression.
"Lorks a Lordy! My bottom's on fire!"

***Courtesy of "The Young One's"***
#heck #blimey #good grief #shucks #lordy
by Flatster October 28, 2005
A lork is a unnatural half breed of a dork and a loser which intertwine to make the radtastic being of a lork. can also be called a dern.

lork'i·ness n., lork'y adj. lork lord n.,
"What a lork."
"Ohmyygoshhh, that kiddo over there is like such an uber lork"
#dork #loser #lork lord #lork'y #lork'i -ness
by kiddonamedsarah February 22, 2009
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