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A term commonly used in MMORPGs to describe a person who takes loot that is not theirs, or who continually jumps in and takes loot for themselves which by rights belongs to the party.
OFMG Poltric got the loot again! That's six times in a row he's taken it, the fuckin loot ninja!!
by Bonestorm May 19, 2005
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This term generally applies to MMORPG's, and is used to describe someone who will join a party for the sole purpose of taking every single item of any value whatsoever, regardless of who killed the target and is the rightful owner of the items. A loot ninja will most often seem like a normal player, except when time comes to play the number roll game for a rare, they will roll, and then exploit a bug or a glitch in which they take the loot, regardless of what they rolled. Often hated by other players, and even more so by others of their kind. Sometimes referred to as a Loot Whore, or a n00b. Most people consider loot ninja'ing and those who do it to be committing a high crime, and often bring in a game master about them.
Party member 1: Did OMGHAXX take the rare again?
Party member 2: Yeah, he's such a f***ing loot ninja dude
System: OMGHAXX has obtained -Insert rare item-
System: OMGHAXX has left the party
by ShockCannon July 02, 2005
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An mmorpg term referring to a devious being who takes phat l00t that is not rightfully his. They often try to cover up their evil ways by blaming their non existent little brother.
Angry party member: Hey you stole my phat l00t!

Loot ninja: I'm sorry my little brother was playing! It's not my fault!
by Tvet June 10, 2007
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World of Warcraft
A person who runs around taking loot from kills.
That fucking bitch is a loot ninja!!
by flex March 16, 2005
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