In various arcade shoot em up games (such as Gradius), when you beat the game, it allows you to start over at the beginning of the game after viewing the credits. You keep the score you had when you beat the game, but the enemies in the levels become harder and the game becomes more difficult. This is called a loop. The game starts on loop 1 and when you beat the game it goes to loop 2 with higher difficulty and when you beat it again you start over with an even higher difficuly setting at loop 3 and so on.
"I got to loop 132 and died." :(
by vicvipermkIV September 08, 2004
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driving around an area to partake in the smoking of marijuana, drinking alcohol, or just for the hell of it
Hey Johnny, after school you and Jay want to take a loop with me and smoke some blunts?
by wolfeezy February 19, 2008
An audio or video digital sample cut so that it plays continuously without jarring. (Nobody uses analogue tape or film anymore, unless they're into masochism)

Often: "drum loop" ~ a pattern of drum hits which, when combined with a bassline, make a groove. These can be stored as an audio file or MIDI information.
Mate, that loop's fucked up. It needs to be a coupla milliseconds shorter to fit into the groove. Or make the bassline longer to fit it.
by edjog October 16, 2005
"The Loop" is the local name for Chicago's downtown area, so named because of the way the city's elevated trains (or el) loops around the area. Also used with directions, such as "North Loop," "South Loop," or "West Loop." There is, however, no "East Loop" because that would put you in Lake Michigan.
A: Where do you work?
B: Down in the Loop.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
The product of using auto-correct while typing the word "poop" into a phone or computer.
So the other day I took a really big loop.
Gosh darn it I meant poop.
by billthebeast January 17, 2011
a word combining the common slang "lol" and the word oops to describe an amusing mistake.
Squirting the ketchup too hard and it all lands in your little brother face. you say loops
by 9323456789 June 07, 2009
A combination of the words, "long" and "poop."
Oh man, I had to set aside some serious time for that loop.
by Worksworth March 16, 2011
multiple individuals that you 'talk' to.
"I have loops for days."

"This lame just asked me what loops meant."

"I wanted to date Jake, But I heard he has a lot of loops."
by cassythegreat September 09, 2011

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