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Someone who transports goods or money between to people in a criminal activity. For example, a thug that comes around to collect extortion money and then brings it to a more senior gang member. Another example would be a lawyer that collects money to bribe a judge.
Give the money to the bagman and those speeding tickets will disappear.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
(1) the act of being pulled by a vehicle (car, truck, tractor, etc.) while either riding on a skateboard, skates, bicycle, handcart, etc.

(2) the act of being dragged from the rear bumper of a vehicle during winter months when there is a lot of snow present. Children do this by waiting at stop signs to grab onto unsuspecting cars while they stop and being dragged while sliding their feet on the snow.
So, I slammed on my breaks when I saw the kid skitching on my bumper and he slid right under the car.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
cool, cool person, fashionable, in style, very very cool
your not merhawi meaning your not cool
by smartypants April 04, 2005
Prison slang for someone who was beaten severely. The term is taken from the swollen condition of their head.

See also balloon head
Man, that pumpkin head got what was coming to him after he snitched on Hector.
by smartypants October 06, 2004
"The Loop" is the local name for Chicago's downtown area, so named because of the way the city's elevated trains (or el) loops around the area. Also used with directions, such as "North Loop," "South Loop," or "West Loop." There is, however, no "East Loop" because that would put you in Lake Michigan.
A: Where do you work?
B: Down in the Loop.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
alllll things cool rolled into one big blob of coolness
the hot gurl is a foltz
by smartypants April 18, 2005
The Dunkin' Donuts in Chicago at Belmont & Clark, which used to be frequented by many punk-ish, leather-clad individuals in the 80's/early 90's. It is located in a neighborhood with many stores that cater to such people, such as army surplus stores and record shops.
I told them to meet us at punkin' donuts after work.
by smartypants October 07, 2004

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