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A person with a balloon fetish.
As a looner, I enjoy watching girls play with balloons.
by Loonerboy July 20, 2003
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A person who is always acting crazy. Not always good crazy.
For example:
Random Girl 1: I hate her.
Random Girl 2: I know. She is so looners.
#looners #crazy #stupid #weird #unwanted
by SmileyPants October 30, 2011
A looner happens when a girl is turned on. She get's a lady boner.
"Dude I've got a massive looner right now, you should..touch it"
#boner #erection #ldog #female #chickboner
by tronchankdaddyshitassniggerass April 25, 2012
n. - crazy, as in lunatic, missing a few screws,
adj. - anyone who took the short bus to school.

n. -a rock band in los angeles
"You're a looner!"
"Looner rocks!"
by alan November 23, 2003
the coolest l.a. band in da world
"looner totally rocks!"
by janelle November 27, 2003
nobody with
by chummy October 09, 2003
A loner and a loser at the same time
god your such a looner
#stiupid #loser #loner #no friends #dork
by the_co0lest_ November 24, 2005
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