007 upside down.
Rumour has it that the replacement of Pierce Brosnan in the next Bond film will be a toilet seat.
by Mister Ignorant April 23, 2004
a substance that is smoked, giving the smoker a high from contents which include THC, also called marijuana or cannabis.
This loo is really dank

Can I get a dime bag of your best loo?
by Nater_tatertot February 15, 2010
the peak of awesomeness; the awesomest thing ever
The new movie was the loo.
by emoxnerd July 29, 2010
The replacement of lol on the #adultswim chat channel on server irc.sorcery.net. It was created when a user named Allensnickname had a script on that would kick users when they said "lol." The users changed their expression of laughter to loo so they wouldn't get kicked.
<CyberEmperor1> Yo mama said that last night.
<Harlock> loo
by some guy December 28, 2004
A much shorter way to say "I have large breasts" to save time and effort.
Guy: Hey there
Girl: Loo!
Guy: Oh... yes you do have large breasts
by Water LOO April 25, 2011
A slang for 'L-O-L' (Laughing out loud.)
Created by sloppy typers, pecking at keys.
anyuser007: ...And then he totally fell on his face!
kitty0325: OMG, LOO!
by PhildotheGreat April 13, 2007
the study of loo, loo-ology ,word used for anything
describing or doing
adjictive: that is SO loo, that loo'd my ears turn it down
verb: i loo'd to the store today. i loo you.
by TAYTAY~ April 05, 2008

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