ie: Long Cut
"What's in the bag?" "200 long."
Paid In Full

200 (in thousands of dollars) would be the value on the street.
Hence, there were probably 10 keys in the bag at 20 g's apiece
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
means 'hard' as in a hard task
"man, dis is long!" or "why is this so long!"
by nettou April 20, 2006
A sexy welsh beauty
oh my look at that Long!

OOOOOH, wow.
by wewrrcdccghhhhhhhhhh September 22, 2008
(2nd tone) the Western romanization of the Chinese word for 'dragon'
yu long bo is a chinese name meaning 'dragon wave'
by Tha A-Bomb March 14, 2005
shorts that go way past your knees and are 2 sizes too big. usually a belt is necessary
Dude, those longs are tight.
by blaketh May 19, 2004
Long is an adjective used to describe someone with a Long Penis.

Also can be used to describe someone cool, even if they may not actually have a Long Penis.
That guy was so Long! He was doin ninja flips and shit, and had like a 2 foot dick!
by Adam the Wordsmith May 26, 2010
(a) when a person is continuously dry they may be considered long aswell.
(b) when someone takes ages to do anything. one who leaves their friends waiting for time while they complete a task that should take a matter of seconds.
will is bare long. he's so long- in fact he's the definition of long.
by amb2 April 06, 2006
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