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Someone who often is alone. They usually have a few friends to no friends. Some people might take this as being stuck up but the loner just doesn't feel the need to reinforce the social feeling. But commonly there are places where a loner can feel more open becuase of the people around them or the setting (a particular classroom, or a person which they feel comfortable with, etc.) Most loners, if put in big groups by bosses, teachers, freinds, or even family, will often be quiet, has short answers, just stares off in nothing, or analyzes everyone's reactions and bodylanguage.

They rarely have a boyfriend or girlfriend because they don't flirt, don't talk much, or give any social effort, as I said earlier. And that pretty much doesn't give the opposite sex any sign of interest consequently not getting asked out, and if they do get asked out they usually get asked out by someone who doesn't know them(loners are picky about who they let in their personal lives) and the guys they do like don't feel the need to flirt anymore becuase there was nothing coming from the loner.
guy: damn that girl is fine, doesn't she go to our school?
guy 2: yeah, I bet she has a boyfriend.
guy 3: no, she's a loner.

preppy girl: why is he so quiet, what is his problem?
preppy girl 2: lyk yeah, he's soo weird...
by heyhihello January 13, 2007
a total hippie head shop, located in Springfield, IL. on the lower floor the have a blacklight room, t-shirt type of room,poster room, and shitload of other stuff. you have to 18 or older to go upstairs, and thats for obvious reasons. Pretty much anyone who works there is a pothead and almost all the customers are too. The outside of Pennylane is painted pretty tight and so in one of the rooms (they recently remodeled it).
I fucking love Pennylane, it has an awesome atmosphere and smells great becuase of the incents.

by heyhihello January 14, 2007
1.What everyone wants and aims to be, without realizing or not.
2.A feeling of contentment that is often temporary.
1.When father walked her down the aisle & she saw her love, she was pretty damn happy!

2.Aaron thought he was happy with Alison, until he found out she missed the pill, got pregnant, and gave him crabs.
by heyhihello January 16, 2007
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