An event occurring on Sunday evenings when the alpha-male suddenly realizes that his nightly escapades suddenly seem for nothing as he is completely alone, finding himself laughed in the face by his suddenly erect boner and no one there to disarm it. Hence loner with a boner.
Oh, Jeffrey... he may be a stud on occasion, but come the day after he is only a loner with a boner.
by Kimotep October 12, 2009
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a horny guy who has nobody to f*ck.
usually a loner with a boner will be a 40-year-old virgin.
*boy texts girl*
Jonathan: hey jess bby i'm soooooo horny right now so come over and f*ck me hard bitch ;) ;) ;) :*

Jess: ill be at your door in 5 minutes, sexy, horny and ready to fuck ;) ;) ;)
Jonathan: woohoo! im gettin laid! maybe im not such a loner with a boner after all :D
by ilovejess:D August 02, 2011

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