Lolki Lawlingontheflorollin is the mythical being of mischief in Troll mythology, a son of the giants Fatty and Lawley, and foster-brother of Trolldin. He is described as the "contriver of all fraud". He mixed freely with the gods for a long time, even becoming Trolldin's blood brother.
(Taken from Encyclopedia Dramatica)
Also known as Lolski.
by Timolas November 13, 2007
Top Definition
Lolski is the Polish version of LOL.
Polish Guy #1 breaks his arm.

Polish Guy #2: Lolski!
by MojoXN March 14, 2007
Lolski is an interjection used originally by internet trolls, but it's use has become common throughout social websites and messengers. It is usually exclaimed after a bout of hilarity, most commonly occurring in video games and message boards.
David throws a banana peel in front of Adam, who trips and face-plants; David's responds with a definitive "Lolski!"
by Disruptorgun May 09, 2011
Laugh Out Loud with skis on the end
Gary- I went skinny dipping

Mel- Lolskis
by Melissa Rahu August 13, 2007
A Northern Virginia version of lol...
Lolski instead of lol...
by osistlk January 31, 2008
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