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A Northern Virginia slang term that can be used to describe anything and anyone, interpretation is defined by the context of the situation. Often used as a situational expression. Pronounced like missile with a b...
Friend 1 throws a ball into the groin of friend 2. Friend 2 exclaims "Bissle!" to express the feeling of his testicles.

Friend 1 wins the lottery and tells friend 2 about it. Both exclaim "Bissle!" while possibly high-fiving each other.

Friend 1 sees Friend 2 eat that last of his almonds and exclaims "You're a bissle!"

You get the idea, just well "bissle" when you feel the situation is appropriate...
by osistlk January 31, 2008
A Northern Virginia version of lol...
Lolski instead of lol...
by osistlk January 31, 2008

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