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Lolski is the Polish version of LOL.
Polish Guy #1 breaks his arm.

Polish Guy #2: Lolski!
by MojoXN March 14, 2007
Lolski is an interjection used originally by internet trolls, but it's use has become common throughout social websites and messengers. It is usually exclaimed after a bout of hilarity, most commonly occurring in video games and message boards.
David throws a banana peel in front of Adam, who trips and face-plants; David's responds with a definitive "Lolski!"
by Disruptorgun May 09, 2011
Laugh Out Loud with skis on the end
Gary- I went skinny dipping

Mel- Lolskis
by Melissa Rahu August 13, 2007
A Northern Virginia version of lol...
Lolski instead of lol...
by osistlk January 31, 2008
Lolki Lawlingontheflorollin is the mythical being of mischief in Troll mythology, a son of the giants Fatty and Lawley, and foster-brother of Trolldin. He is described as the "contriver of all fraud". He mixed freely with the gods for a long time, even becoming Trolldin's blood brother.
(Taken from Encyclopedia Dramatica)
Also known as Lolski.
by Timolas November 13, 2007