Obese kid in Film Class that never does his work, and has crutches.
logan got owned
by Official Nat6-G May 28, 2009
amazing person. makes you fall for them so hard , very very chill , you will most deffinatley want more . loves to "hook up" may end up heartbroken in the end. but you will have fun while it lasted and love the memories. loves country music and drinking bourbon. says rip, trip, and jokes a lot ! very very good kisser ! has nicknames for himself , moose, logdog .. just to name a few . but you will never foget them !
Logan is a really chill guy.
steal your heart
by sbsb22 April 22, 2009
Logan is a person from the FanFic, 'Dalton' who is in love with Kurt. Logan's name is often used when someone is upset or blaming.
Person One: Oh no! Tumblr's down AGAIN!
Person Two: LOGAN!!! *Meme*
by Klansie January 17, 2011
A gorgeous girl. Someone everybody loves. She's always there, and trying to please everybody. Her beauty shines both inside and outside. A truly amazing person.
I admire Logan.
by Katbee. February 09, 2010
Fat wemo fucktard
Person 1: Man, that Logan kid is totally gay and emo.
Person 2: Moer liek wemo LLOLOLOLOLOL!!!111
by Tatlin January 13, 2007
Biggest douche bag to ever walk this earth. He acts like he's sweet and a real gentleman but when you get to know him you'll see he's the exact opposite. Also he has the smallest dick ever and acts like he's good at doing sexual things but in reality he's HORRIBLE. Stay far away from him.
"Did you hear Sally is dating Logan?"

"No way?! Why would she ever date him... Ew."
by Ahjekmtogosusnnemt February 05, 2014
the biggest SLUT you've ever met.
he likes it all.
skinny, fat, ugly, pretty, man, woman, dog.
you could call him a charity.
& he likes it in his butt...with no lube.
Logan is a dick taking slut.
by alyssayo123 November 24, 2010

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