A unisex name usually given to a fucked up baby. Logan is a cheeky motherfucking bastard that will say the stupidest shit ever but is still hilarious.
That person is such a Logan
by BasicBabo April 19, 2016
Logan is an amazing guy but when with friend he is a jerk most girls love him he is a great boyfriend but just don't run into Him when with friends
Logan i have a crush on u ur so amazing
by great kind person December 12, 2015
Generally a man of great character, possessed of a fabulous sexual magnitism. Courageous, your quintessential knight-in-shining armor and incredible in bed.
"Logan is the perfect Boyfriend " and best sexual lover
by Peter lariviere February 20, 2015
A verb

Meaning to lead someone on, maybe not intentionally, and just avoid them to drop that person's attraction.
Did you hear , Johnny kissed Mary and now he's not talking to her.

He's totally pulling a Logan
by jakethesexy June 08, 2014
A unisex name.

Females with this name are sexy, powerful, thoughtful, smart, fun, cute, great lovers, and loyal friends.

Males with this name are the opposite of the females. They have a small penis, suck at sex, have no class, and are weak, indecisive, and just plain ugly.
She has to be a Logan perfect in every way.

He has to be a Logan, what a looser.
by a_d_chapman November 08, 2010
Generally a Duche bag guy who thinks he is funny but is not
dude what the hell is he doing

he is pulling a Logan just ignore him
by zinzendwarf May 15, 2009
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