Someone who can't read, write, and/or spell properly but can function and talk fine....basically a really smart retard.
Dude: Shit, I spelled my name Kyse instead of Kyle after failing that vocab test.
Second Dude: You're such a fucking Logan.
by Chewcocka April 15, 2007
A shithole town in Ohio, Where if you stick a quarter beehind a girls ear, her teeth fold back.
No one in Logan is gonna give a shit
by DreWhitebred February 22, 2012
The act of becoming extremely drunk.
Oh man, I got so Logan last night!

Dude, remember Josh's party? Yeah man, Jake was so Logan that night!
by Sedyel October 25, 2011
This is the person that farts 24/7. Logan's are usually very honest, annoying, obnoxious, and loving. They're very weird and know how to have fun.
Logan please stop farting
by ynattirbashley August 09, 2011
Obese kid in Film Class that never does his work, and has crutches.
logan got owned
by Official Nat6-G May 28, 2009
a homo who likes big black hairy cock in his ass hole and in or around his mouth
Logan Gahan
by Chickfucker69cubed March 19, 2009
A funny guy with the disturbing habit of drawing a large penis and then licking it when he thinks you aren't looking.
Andrew: Who drew that dick?
Paul: *feels wall* It's still wet.
Andrew: *balls fist* LOGANNNNNNNNNNNNN.
by TripleDimensional November 12, 2012

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