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Slow, Thick, Uneducated, Working class
I couldn't understand the tramp he was a bit of a lofty
by Mark Bowler November 21, 2003
Intoxicated on marijuana. High, baked, stoned, toked, faded, blunted, lit, grass-lifted, toasted, smashed, blitzed, bombed, blazed.
Mary: Hey, what do you want to do?
Jane: I just got some kush so let's get lofty.
by Lofty Jack May 06, 2010
extremely amazing, completely awesome, intensely cool, refering to a seemingly unatainable feat or goal
"That was totaly lofty"
by totesloft September 25, 2011
A tall and slightly chubby male
hey lofty, your fucking tall today
by amy, jimmy and grant October 11, 2005
1. Works with BOB the BUILDER (kids cartoon)as a crane- who is afraid of heights.

2. Alternatively, lofts are normally up in a roof. Therefore
Lofty is to be up high or drug high and have a fluffy as moustache.
1. bob: come on lofty help lower cliffhanger back down.
lofty: i can't, i'm afraid to look down.

2. Here comes lofty, RESPECT! (everybody laughs at him until he leaves)
by Vertically Challenged Tall Guy March 19, 2009
slow, thick, yorkshire
I cant do my exams im a bit lofty
by burt November 21, 2003
A simple adjective meaning liking-cock, cock-lover, etc.
Shevchinko: just for u lofty baby *pulls out cock*
Lofty_Kitsune: fuck off shev
Shevchinko: i jacked off to the pic of ur b3lly butt0n!
by LoftyKitsune January 17, 2006