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a peice of metal cut and shaped in such a way that when used with a tension wrench can unlock a door.
Taylor: "dude i forgot my house key again"
Jason: "No problem man, Alex can open that up with a lockpick in a sec"
by yelsom8 March 13, 2008
Similair to double penitration. When a dick or dildo is shoved in both the vagina and ass at the same time.
Yo, Joe peformed a lock pick on his girl and lets just say, he broke in.
by Gunmaster45 May 03, 2008
The "Lockpick" is the act of putting glue on the penis and inserting it in a womens vagina. You wait 5 minutes then try your best to just yank it out as hard as you can often ending in blood, or severe cock and vagina irritation.
"Yo home dog, I just completely lockpicked my bitch last night man!"
by M. C. C. & C. B. W. March 26, 2009
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