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21 definitions by yelsom8

The first day of February where you go out and hug any jewish person you can find
Alex: "Dude tomorrow is national hug a jew day!"
Taylor: "Yeah man lets go give nate a hug"
by yelsom8 March 15, 2008
An amazingly delicious ice cream cone filled with chocolate and peanuts
Taylor: "Can i have a dollar"
Alex: "Why"
Taylor: "Cause i want one of those amazing delectable drumstick cones"
by yelsom8 March 15, 2008
A plce where minors who break the law are sent, almost like jail for kids
Jason: "dude did you hear alex went to JDC"
Taylor: "no way man what did he do?"
Random Kid In The Hall: "he punched a baby"
by yelsom8 March 13, 2008
a peice of metal cut and shaped in such a way that when used with a tension wrench can unlock a door.
Taylor: "dude i forgot my house key again"
Jason: "No problem man, Alex can open that up with a lockpick in a sec"
by yelsom8 March 13, 2008
A person who shows off their posessions or talents obnoxiously
Nate: "Look at that guy peeling out in his ferrari"
Craig: "He's such a flutter prick"


Guy #1: "Hey check out my new H3 it costs a cnote to fill up half a tank"
Guy #2: "dude your such a flutter prick"
by yelsom8 March 15, 2008
a douchebag who was shot 9 times with RUBBER bullets and thinks hes a bad ass rapper, so bad ass that he made a video game that sucked balls.
Guy: you so much of a douchebag that you remind me of curtis 50 cent jackson
by yelsom8 March 15, 2008
When one plays ones cock as an instrument in the game rockband
Alex: "dude i forgot my other guitar"
Craig: "dont worry man we'll play cockband instead"
by yelsom8 March 15, 2008