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got control over something or someone(LD)
i got you on lockdown
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
162 51
1. The act of someone controlling somebody, especially when their's no commitment involved, so that somebody cannot move forth nor make up it's own mind, while letting that someone have it's way.

2. The act of someone controlling somebody's social life and activities.

3. The act of someone reporting it's every move to somebody.

4. Restrained from moving or acting; check, in check.

5. Someone who invades somebody's privacy.

6. Prison inmates confined to their cells as a security measure following a disturbance in the prison.

7. A prison, especially one that's maximum security.
Why the average young female that has a child, is on lockdown by the baby daddy?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 10, 2006
138 48
to confirm that something is taken care of; the situation is under control or lockdown
Reservations have been made at the hotel, the limo is taken care of, called the place we're going......baby, it's all under lockdown!!
by Barbi.doll March 08, 2005
98 23
lockdown comes from the prisons, but is also used instead of 'grounded'
i cant come out, im on lock (down)
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
70 28
To keep a close eye on.
I got that bitch on lockdown.
by ky August 12, 2003
64 30
Nickname for really tight people who "lock it down" in activities such as sports and whose name starts with an L.
-"Oh shit! He got you on lockdown."

-"Lockdown Lamey!"
by Friendly Hamster April 13, 2009
19 6
a brotha or sista who significent other defines his or her where abouts; who controls their partners social activities.
Yo check it!, sista got Tyrese on mad lock down again this weekend, brotha won't be able to hang.
by Steve June 21, 2003
40 27