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Where you're going to end up if you get a master's degree in the following:

1) Art History
2) Fine Arts
3) Philosophy
4) Literature
"I know the barista at this Starbucks: she was in my 'Critical Analysis of James Joyce' class in college!"
by aleclair June 21, 2005
Someone who thinks a band is automatically "bad" or "uncool" as soon as they recieve the tiniest bit of success. They will ignore that "successful" band and then rush to Pitchfork or some other snobby music site to find some obscure band to replace them.
Indie snobs think that Modest Mouse became uncool when "The Moon and Antarctica" was released; when "Float On" became a hit, indie snobs had ignored the band for quite a few years.

However, you aren't an indie snob if you hate Death Cab for Cutie for showing up on the OC. All you have is common sense.
by aleclair July 03, 2005
A sort of shrub in the Middle East... also the essential word for Scrabble players.
I have a Q but no U, so I'm going to put down the word "qat". Challenge me all you want; it's a real word!!
by aleclair June 21, 2005
1. A trendy style of music marketed as rap music; it actually sounds more like R and B. Although the rappers look "gangsta" and have all that bling bling, they usually sing (yes. They sing instead of rap) about going to parties and getting crunk and having every girl at their call. Most - if not all - singles have a female guest. Examples: Nelly, Ludacris, Anyone who sings with Ciara.

2. Music that "waters down" the content of rap music to fit a young, pre-teen, easily lured, pop audience: see Lil' Bow Wow, Lil' Romeo.
1. -Did you go to the Ludacris concert last night? Everyone was there, you know...

--No; I don't like pop rap.
by aleclair November 29, 2005
Proof that American Civilization's weakness is that it can't spell to save its life.
It's banana, goddamnit!

NOT bananna!
by aleclair March 04, 2006
1. An "individual" is generally considered one who follows only his(her) own rules of life.

2. Also, in general, anything that is different from the rest of the world in any way.
1. Jon is the true individual. He says so many times until it becomes a catchphrase, "I don't care what the 'others' think about my actions" - and his actions (often crude and immature) support that phrase.

2. My DNA is probably truly individual.
by aleclair November 16, 2005
A Canadian indie rock band with Arcade Fire connections whose first record was produced by none other than Issac Brock of Modest Mouse fame. As if all of those connections to famous people were not enough, their debut album, "Apologies to the Queen Mary", became overhyped by the online Media Machine as the Next Big Thing(r).

Leaving the indie snobbery behind, they are a damn good band who wrote some extremely good songs that are currently stuck in my head
Wolf Parade is another part of the great '80s revival going on in contemporary indie rock.
by aleclair May 17, 2006
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