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The best damn state in the country! That's all you need to know.
Texas is better than your state.
by KY February 14, 2005
The extremely sexy guitarist of the Japanese visual kei band "Dir en Grey".
Wow, Kaoru is so talented and sexy. He rocks my socks!
by Ky January 05, 2004
fake, unreal
tainted love .... to love some 1 not b/c who they are b/c of what they look like or what they got

there love is tainted she likes him b/c hes a baller
by Ky July 06, 2003
A code used by the homosexual community to let others know what they're "into". i.e. if a boy wears a light blue hanky in his back pocket, that means he's into oral sex.
Hey, the hanky code says that guy would be into you!
by Ky December 25, 2004
To keep a close eye on.
I got that bitch on lockdown.
by ky August 12, 2003
eating a girl's pussy
I'm gonna give u some australian kisses, but not if u have a nappy dugout
by KY March 02, 2004
It doesn't matter what it is, you can't touch them.
You can't touch the spare ribs!!!
by Ky March 18, 2004
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