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to end a relationship
boy: oh i locked it with her
by ConfusedOne August 27, 2008
14 17
A whore....an answer to the age old question of why if a girl kisses 5 guys she is a slut but if a guy fucks 5 girls he is a stud
If one lock is opened by 5 keys...its a shitty lock...if one key opens 5 locks...its a master key
by hreetballs January 12, 2010
346 146
another name for a whore.
if 7 keys open one lock than its a bad lock.
but if 1 key opens 7 locks than its a master key.

lock: vagina

key: dick
by hickbreezy January 12, 2010
144 41
1. figured out
2. under control
that boy's got the game on lock
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
189 134
1. A contemporary way to say "dread locks"
Many people that dislike the connotation that comes with dreadlocks have decided to call them locks instead. Women especially like this term. There is nothing dreadful about locked hair!
2. Just pieces of any curly hair. It's not used often.
3. devices used to close doors or diaries or anything you want "locked".
Girl 1"Nice locks".
Girl 2"Thanks!"
"Her blonde locks framed her face".
by _answers_ December 01, 2007
42 7
A length or curl of hair on the head. Can be used to emulate a fake sideburn for those who so desperately want/need one.
"Whoa William, are those real sideburns?"
"Nah, these are just my sweet locks."
by davey023 June 07, 2006
51 16
dreadlocks (an abbreviation)
His locks made him stand out like a sore thumb.
by The Return of Light Joker May 14, 2011
7 4
Absolute certainty about a situation
This game is locked
The test I'm taking tomorrow is such a lock
by ReaganP September 29, 2005
34 32