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erm.. a Northener!?
Northen Monkeys hate Southerners!
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
When two (or more) people of the same or opposite gender express their sexual feelings toward eachother - usually in the form of a kiss or intimate touching. See also foreplay
That field there is where EVERYONE makes out!
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
1. This is what might happen when a male and female conduct sexual intercourse while the female is on her 'monthly cycle'

2. When a girl loses her Virginity, and if the male has ejaculated, then this is what they have made.. how nice.
"..and this Cherry cheese cake ran all down her leg.."
by leavethisplace July 01, 2003
Usually a mechanical (but can also be a computer or even mental device) to secure item(s). It can also be a place where ships are.. and shifty looking sailors...
Lock up your daughters!!
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
A combination of two words, "Ginger" and "Minger" (the definition of which can be found here). It means a "Ginger Minger" and is obviously meant in a mean/nasty/horrible way.
"Look at that bird! She's a right Giminger!"
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
Was first used wen Bill got nailed to a board, and people wrote little notes like "twat" and "stop hanging around" since then people have used this theory to place notes on a board.. Bill's tend to stay away from it.
Please feel free to advertise your product on a billboard.
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
First formed in Farnham College, for the name given to the disablity people at the college. Meant in a nasty/horrible way.
"You're kickin the ball like a **ckin ridger!!"
by leavethisplace June 23, 2003
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