Lack of Booty/ lack of booty
"Man that chick has LOB"
by Marina Ab. May 14, 2008
1. to kiss with tounge

2. to make out
1. patrick stump- do you want me to lob you?
me- YES

2. me- dude, i just got lobbed
by I ate a fish July 25, 2008
v. to love someone more than words can describe
ex. "I lob you Michael"

by silveira.d August 21, 2006
pronounced lawb

meaning: love
dude: i gotta jet
chick: lob lob
dude: i lob you too

chick: that shirt is lob

by friendlyostalker November 25, 2006
A game played by primary school children. The players divide into two teams who both stand at either side of a the playground, or a netball court or something similar. Someone from one of the teams lobs, or throws a tennis ball at the other team. It must bounce once. If the tennis ball is not caught by a member of the opposing team after that one bounce, the team that threw the tennis ball in the first place scores one point. Games last as long as breaktime does.
At primary school we played lobs every day
by Kay September 27, 2006
lob is a word commenly used for cannabis or pot. It's point of origin is hard to define. It is thought to have originated in south England and is now used more commenly in the Channel Islands as a less incriminating way of asking for Cannibis on the street.
Shit! I've lost the lob!

Yo man...Got any lob?
by luxy babes August 03, 2006
and abreviation for load of bullshit
what a lob!!
by Jonesyboii March 01, 2011

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