The shorthand for Lights Out Bitches!
Tommy won the election and said,"LOB!"
by Juicy Jules January 19, 2014
delicious tins of any sort of chewing tobacco.
i enjoy some lobs every now and then.
i dabble on lobs often.
lobs are the best stuff on earth.
by yizzerp August 27, 2008
UK Police abbreviation meaning 'Load Of Bollocks' which can be used in front of the public without causing offence.
"Cancel that back up, this pub fight is an LOB"
by Lajopi 292 November 10, 2007
someone that you can't live without
Trey Brassfield and I are now L.O.B.'s
by Meatballs Bowen October 13, 2009
A term coined by in-style magazine for a long bob.

The abbreviation for the hairstyle the long bob.
"Did you see Jennifer anistons new lob in the new style magazine??"
"Ya it looks so good I have been thinking about cutting my hair and getting a lob."
by Jj1243 May 11, 2013
A combination of the two following meanings:
1. To throw an object with the intention for it to stay mid air for some time. To toss.
2. To love in an unconditional friendly manner.

This is a term that one only uses in the first person.
"I lob you over a fence!"
"I lob you like a midget into a fireplace!"
"I lob that show! I lob it like a bad rifle spinner."
"I lob you approximately 25 yards."
"I lob you like woah."
by funckyfrush November 27, 2007
basically anything and everything - verb, noun, adjective, etc.
Sometimes I lob. That's so lob. Trench coat lobbin.
by The lob stick June 10, 2016
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