When someone says they love you in a affectionate and dopey way
Bob - babes i lob you
Billyann - i lob you too
Bob - fo sho mofo
Billyann - skeenage
Bob - come we mash
Billyann - aight den
Bob - come we go my gash!
by HDM-bffe January 17, 2008
Limo of Bitches

Commonly used with men who have a large following of women

Commonly used with high school douche bags who get around

Describes the well-known man slut of the town...
unfortunately the limo is NOT a stretch limo (small penis)
Here comes the LOB
by mikesquared June 02, 2010
My friend nick says a "lob on" is a hard on, i dunno where the hell he got that from though. This spawned the use of lob which means your dick (according to nick)
"switch to playboy and ill get my/a lob on"
by Jack Cassidy April 07, 2005
To go, arrive, turn up, to just Lob up.
Lets lob to bills house> Bill, They just fucking lobbed up!
by dieselcom July 02, 2007
a post ejaculation, semi flacid penis
"the doorbell went and theres me with a king size lob on"
by minty moggy May 15, 2003
Lack of Booty/ lack of booty
"Man that chick has LOB"
by Marina Ab. May 14, 2008
The condition of a penis before it becomes fully erect. Usually found after a warm shower, during episodes of Baywatch and desired before public displays of nudity (i.e. urination).
In conversation - " I freed my lazy lob and thrapped her around the face".
by Tim K April 05, 2006

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