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As a noun, this phrase is a positive way to identify a pothead.
As a verb, it means to spend a long amount of time to smoke as much weed as you want/have. This is a good way to chill and find yourself again.

History: This phrase is based off a radio host who is AKAed as Captain Robby. His actual identity is unknown, but it is known that he enjoys fun times and PB&J sandwiches during said times o' fun.
Noun: "Dude, you're such a Captain Robby, I love it. Got any extra pot on you?"

Verb: "Hey, man, I'm thinking about 'captain robby'ing it tomorrow. I just need to relax, I'm too stressed, I need just one day where I can smoke as much weed as I want."

Other: "Make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and bring it down to the station and win our grand prize!"
by funckyfrush January 15, 2008
A combination of the two following meanings:
1. To throw an object with the intention for it to stay mid air for some time. To toss.
2. To love in an unconditional friendly manner.

This is a term that one only uses in the first person.
"I lob you over a fence!"
"I lob you like a midget into a fireplace!"
"I lob that show! I lob it like a bad rifle spinner."
"I lob you approximately 25 yards."
"I lob you like woah."
by funckyfrush November 27, 2007
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