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Rich-Kid Gang - No Threat
"We'd fight you, but all our boys are at TAFE"
by OMGWTF January 11, 2005
A short hand version of hello.
'Lo Ronald.
by omgwtf July 24, 2003
Pierrot are a pretty popular Japanese rock, or Jrock band. Members are kirito, aiji, jun, kohta and takeo.
Songs by Pierrot: neogrotesque, Purple Sky, Bariro no sekai.
by omgwtf March 24, 2005
The coolest person on dAmn!
Dude! Have you met twexler? He's so cool
by OMGWTF December 26, 2004
pouched egg nipples - When a woman has giant areolas that make her breats resemble pouched eggs. Normally resulting in stretched nipples.
"that girls got a bad 'cause of PEN, i cant stand them"
#nipples #breats #eggs #pouched #boobs
by OMGWTF October 14, 2006
An example of onomatopoeia.
"Meep meep"
by omgwtf July 24, 2003
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