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A term used in basketball. A triple-double is when a player gets double digits in any of the major statistical catagories.
For example, 23 point, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists.
by § July 18, 2004
A place in which there are no problems. Everything is perfect.
This world in not Utopia.
by § July 17, 2004
Three words that made 50 Cent famous in 1.34 seconds.
My name is Shorty, and it is my birthday.
by § July 19, 2004
When someone says to you, "you mom" they are refering to your mother in a negative manner. For instance, if you call someone a shitface cockmaster. They might reply, "you mom."
Person 1-"You sir, are a shitface cockmaster."

Person 2-"Your mom."

Person 3-"Oh, they're good.
by § July 19, 2004
A form of speech which makes no sense.
I could not understand that jibber-jabber.
by § July 18, 2004
Rims on an automobile that are 20 inches in diameter.
Ganstas roll on dubs.
by § July 19, 2004
Having no tolerance towards anyone or thing.
Pricipal jarvis has zero tolerance for Mr. Bonkers.
by § July 17, 2004
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