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Laughing my pants off
I saw Tommas at the beach in a speedo. lmpo
by lmaiga June 30, 2009
45 15
Laugh My Pants Off

For all those Christians who don't use profanity but would love to be cool

instead of LMAO(laugh my ass off)
thats was funny...LMPO
by 1PRINCE*! December 31, 2008
31 10
Laughing My Penis Off
That joke made me lmpo.
by Bob Johnson March 07, 2004
39 31
Laughing My Pants Off
That was funny!! *LMPO*
by Spartan_ November 13, 2007
18 14
Laughing my Pants off.
That was so funny i am LMPOing
by Jason Edgar January 17, 2008
15 13
A Less Explicit Sounding Way to Say Lick My Pussy Off
Guy; Hey Dude you Kayla ask me to LMPO And if i did she would Suck my dick

Guy Friend;Damn that's a hard choice LMPO so she could suck my wood
by 1marvin January 19, 2012
2 4
Laughing My Panties Off
An alternative to LMAO
The joke he told seriously made me LMPO
by PeacePrincess November 15, 2011
3 5