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A hollow point bullet (or commonly known as "hollow tips") is a bullet that is designed to expand upon entering a target. Unlike a full metal jacket bullet, the jacket metal does not cover the entire bullet and an area near the nose is left uncovered. There is a pit present in the front of the nose (compare to soft point bullet, which has exposed lead but no hollow). When the bullet strikes a soft target, the pressure in the pit forces the ring of lead around it to expand greatly into a mushroom-shape. This causes considerably more soft-tissue damage than had the nose stayed intact. Generally, ideal performance of a hollow point bullet occurs when the bullet expands in a uniform shape, to the full depth of the hollow (or slightly more), and does not fragment or, in the case of jacketed bullets, shed its jacket. By expanding to a uniform diameter and retaining full weight, the bullet can be designed to penetrate to a consistent depth, causing maximum energy transfer to the target with minimum risk of overpenetration.
Hollow tips will kill your ass, nigger
by derek.h May 30, 2005
A hollow tipped bullet. On impact they fold back (looking like a mushroom) either producing a huge exit wound or ripping up as many organs and muscle as possible.
also see: hydra shok
Want to kill cops?
Get some hollow tips
by Kapu July 29, 2003
A Bullet in which the tip is hollow, mostly used for killing, because on impact the hollow tip makes the bullet spread like shrapnal to insure maximum dammage.
Yo my my homeboy ricky got popped by a hollow tip
by L Robb March 26, 2007
hollow tips are a type of bullet the kill eficiently and fast
THE GAME raps ''hollow tips make niggas disapear like harry houdini''
by thabo January 22, 2005
Type of bullet designed to penetrate bullet proof vests.
"Them hollow tips make a nigga dissapear like houdidi"
by chingylee November 18, 2004
A bullet that you can shoot someone in the foot and its gonna wind up coming through their spine. Shoot somone in the stomach and it will swirl around in a sircle for a while. Nasty stuff.
"Dude got shot in his arm, fuckin hollow traveled throughout his heart man."
by Ruslan February 07, 2005
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