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Something that smokers usually do because they are losers. They are so filled with self-hatred and disdain for the world around them that they see nothing wrong with filling the streets with cigarette butts. Assholes.
Hey asshole! Could you maybe stop littering and pick up after yourself? Your mother isn't here to clean up your shit!
by chuckybubbles December 02, 2011
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Telling a lie on twitter
I had to block someone on twitter yesterday because she wouldn't stop littering about me.
by wordhero293 December 12, 2009
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simply flactulence. that's it.
i'll fucking kill whoever is littering in my car. knock it off ass.
by DoctoRUMS October 10, 2005
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In the sense as "to scatter trash"; to post, share, or perpetuate chain letters, hoaxes, or other internet "garbage", esp. knowingly sharing something that is stupid or misleading.
"Hey that thing you posted is a spammy hoax chain letter"
"Yeah, I know, I was bored."
"You're littering that bullshit all over everyone's feed."
by Pacifistopheles August 17, 2014
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