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A very popilar name for mostly blond girls... Shy at first sight, but really crazy if you got to know one better. She's always fun to be with and loves joking around and laughing all the time. Lisas don't go outside without a smile on their lips. In a girl group, she's more a tentative one and doesn't like being in the centre of attention. Lisa is always there for her friends and loves shopping, though she's humble. Many guys fall in love with her, because she's all a boy could wish for: great looking, blond hair, gorgeous smile and a body hotter than the carlifornian sun... if you're looking for a warm and loving girlfriend that is down to earth despite her great looking ( actually she knows she does look hot! ) you've come to the right person to fell in love with!
Grab your own Lisa, you won't be disappointed!
by lostthenfound February 05, 2010
156 440
Lisa is a female who has the body of a goddess. Men are drawn to her amazing looks and her awesome sense of humor. Out of all the females in the world its the Lisa's who rule.
Jason your just like Lisa!
Jason's are Perfect for Lisa's
by dracy basey October 18, 2010
104 397
A slang term for someone who loves french fries.

Someone who is very bossy or loud. Usually have large amounts of pubic hair and perspiration problems.
1. I love these french fries so much. I can't get enough.
I must be a Lisa.

2. I liked that girl before it turned out she was a Lisa.
by annajolebob December 19, 2007
507 791
one of the most prettiest, hottest, nicest, honesst, real girl in the whole entire world. this girl will make your world a WHOLE LOT better by just being in it. can make guys real horny, sucha turn on ;)
mostly found in relationships with guys named; nick, rick, daniel/dan, jesus, muscleman, christopher, will, nathan, garett, peter, lucas, zeke

She's sucha a lisa!
by gorgeousbabeeeeee February 20, 2011
74 386
An Unattractive woman who has an unusually hairy face.
Usually preticularly hairy on the chin and above the lip(tash).
Girl 1: I forgot to shave today how do i look?
Girl 2: Like Lisa!

Guy 1:Dude I seen this totally hot chick walking towards me the other day but she got closer an she was a total lisa!
Guy 2:Downer man.
by Carol OO June 18, 2008
481 792
A lisa is usually a gorgeous blonde bombshell (other hair colours are accepted though) with beautiful hair and eyes. The beauty of a Lisa can easily be compared to that of a vampire (the twilight saga sort) so dont be surprised if they start sparkling in the sunlight. Lisa's also seem to attract the male gender.
Oh lisa its almost as if your sparkling!
by master of the galaxy May 01, 2011
48 380
A name meaning "fabulous queen." Usually lisa's are intelligient, sociable, beautiful, and are just so fab.
Have you met Lisa? She's so fab she should be a queen.
by Hellogaucho April 04, 2014
2 335