a freakin AMAZING chica...anything but unattractive. Hell she is totally far from that. Can we say delilctible....Loves chinese food and tattoos. Loves moths doing there own kamakaze suicide atempts into flames. Usually a very good speller. And loves her little, should be, foreign car. And is always ready for a fun time.
Lisa: Whats another name for me?
Dustin: Delictable comes to mind.
Lisa: Hmmmm. I like it. Lets go get chinese and tats.
did i mention random too?
by Kdog the greek August 30, 2008
The name of a girl who is very pretty and is so lovable that boys fall in love with her instantly. An intelligent and sexy female with LUSCIOUS physical features. An extremely smart and sexy female with great hair and a great face. Nice, sweet and generous are words that go along with Lisa. She is funny and giving. Likes to have a good time. She is self confident and blessed with good genes. She just has it all; all other girls are extremely jealous of her. Loves chinese food and tattoos. Loves moths doing there own kamakaze suicide atempts into flames. Someone who has a great zest for life. Has an unprecedented sense of humor. She is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. Lisa has a very unpredictable lifestyle. Intelligent and very focused. Strong set of character, which makes her stands out from the rest. Never one who gives up. Extremely beautiful. Amazing lover.
I am so jealous you are dating Lisa.

Lisa is all that I have, and I'll never trade her for anything in the world.
by A #1 Lisa February 03, 2010
A trustworthy, great friend. Very hot and good looking. Boys are too scared to talk to her because they are worried what she will think of them. She is very funny and She Cares about others. Once you get to know her you will love her!!!
Guy: OMG! i spoke to Lisa today!
Other Guy: :O lucky you.

Guy: i know shes great. Made me laugh alot!
Other Guy: jealous:/
by amazing.. February 06, 2010
Unfathomable beauty, bountiful talent, mind of a scholar, and all that gives me hope in humanity. English cannot desribe her unrivaled superiority to the common human. Love is a word not nearly vast enough to describe what I feel for her.

L isa
I s
S tupendously
A mazing
by SovereignPaladin April 28, 2005
Bens mam"Lisa" is a milf
by Lisa lover April 01, 2009
hottie sexy smartlucious
a smart girl woo looks good
by LA CHINA March 08, 2005
A name meaning "fabulous queen." Usually lisa's are intelligient, sociable, beautiful, and are just so fab.
Have you met Lisa? She's so fab she should be a queen.
by Hellogaucho April 04, 2014

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