A very nice, loveable, and loyal person. Understanding and easy to talk to. Willing to go above and beyond for those she loves. Family will always come first. She enjoys meeting new people and hanging out with close friends and family. If she has given you her friendship never take it for granted because she'll take it as quick as she gave it. She is definitely one of a kind and you will never find another like her. She will quickly brighten your day with her presence.
by You are admired! December 02, 2013
An Unattractive woman who has an unusually hairy face.
Usually preticularly hairy on the chin and above the lip(tash).
Girl 1: I forgot to shave today how do i look?
Girl 2: Like Lisa!

Guy 1:Dude I seen this totally hot chick walking towards me the other day but she got closer an she was a total lisa!
Guy 2:Downer man.
by Carol OO June 18, 2008
Lisa is the most beautiful girl you'll ever see in your life. Has a unique personality, is intelligent and caring, and her beautiful eyes, bright smile and sexy body are just a bonus. She's the type of girl who's loyal even if it's a long -distance relationship, and won't ever forget your birthday, anniversaries, and so on. She genuinely cares about you and will always support you. Definitely the type of girl you'll want to spend the rest of your life with.
Friend 1: Damn, you're so lucky to be going out with Lisa.
Friend 2: I know. I'm so blessed to be with her.
by bigwillis92 November 15, 2014
a Lisa is generally outgoing, bubbley, and confident. her friends will tell her to shut up many times in public because she says hi to almost every stranger she sees. she is beautiful but doesn't think so because of her low self-esteem. she will be intelligent and develops faster than everyone else. she is aggressive and will most likely whip your ass. you can deal with it. she is very sarcastic but when with her you will laugh your ass off. she is the social outcast in your school that loves putting on eyeliner, band and anime shirts, leggings, and cant stay out of hot topic. she isnt very emo, although if you hurt her, she will end up crying on and off for two hours talking to one friend that she always talks to, but then either gets over it, makes your life hell, or gets revenge. she is crazy and wild so dont give her an energy drink and skittles. she will start bouncing and shouting in russian. so just dont give her energy drinks. just dont
Lisa told the whole school about how i cheated on her and now no girl wants to date me. damn! im a dumbass.
by call me a fangirl August 23, 2014
Hottest Women on earth!!!! are named Lisa and thats that
She is so hot, I bet her name is Lisa. If it isnt, Imma call her that anyway
by Real men love their Lisa May 17, 2012
She is the girl everyone wants. She taunts and flaunts and she still makes you wait for what you want. Mysterious and intrigueing. Fascinating and full of life, this girl will ignite your fire and every desire.
That girl Lisa, has got it goin' on every which way!
by Revolutionary003 February 04, 2010
A really talented, smart girl who is the biggest perfectionist ever. She's always doing crafty things, and strives to be the best person she can be. She is the best friend you'll have, and she's great in bed.
Example 1.
Aidan: "What's that?"
Christina: "That's the blanket my friend made me."
Aidan: "Lisa?"
Christina: "Yeah, she's the best friend ever!"

Example 2.
Marcus: "I had the best sex last night!"
Stacey: "You totally slept with Lisa"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011

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