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Lisa, The best girl on the earth , the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. i love you so much :D
think about you every day of my life you are the bestest girl ever. i love you babe the pig forever

xxxx love kermit the frog
by Kermit The Frogg April 13, 2009
405 402
The name of a girl who is very pretty and is so lovable that boys fall in love with her instantly. An intelligent and sexy female with LUSCIOUS physical features. An extremely smart and sexy female with great hair and a great face. Nice, sweet and generous are words that go along with Lisa. She is funny and giving. Likes to have a good time. She is self confident and blessed with good genes. She just has it all; all other girls are extremely jealous of her. Loves chinese food and tattoos. Loves moths doing there own kamakaze suicide atempts into flames. Someone who has a great zest for life. Has an unprecedented sense of humor. She is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. Lisa has a very unpredictable lifestyle. Intelligent and very focused. Strong set of character, which makes her stands out from the rest. Never one who gives up. Extremely beautiful. Amazing lover.
I am so jealous you are dating Lisa.

Lisa is all that I have, and I'll never trade her for anything in the world.
by A #1 Lisa February 03, 2010
676 714
A trustworthy, great friend. Very hot and good looking. Boys are too scared to talk to her because they are worried what she will think of them. She is very funny and She Cares about others. Once you get to know her you will love her!!!
Guy: OMG! i spoke to Lisa today!
Other Guy: :O lucky you.

Guy: i know shes great. Made me laugh alot!
Other Guy: jealous:/
by amazing.. February 06, 2010
713 784
Lisa is a smart, friendly and athletic girl. She is always rooting for a team, whether its the New York Yankees or the Giants. Boys will stop to flirt with her in the halls. Dereks and Marks would fall for this girl. WARNING: Lisas can be cranky in the morning but really loyal after she's eaten her waffles. This girl is extremely beautiful; with her chocolate hair and dreamy brown eyes.
"Lisa did you watch the game?"

"Of course, Derek hit a homer and Teixiera made a nice play."
by bubblepopz June 03, 2009
595 737
comonly used for; ugly, skanky, stupid, dumbass, can't control herself, no butt, unattractive, retarded, can't get any EVER, hated, bad grades, bad luck, bad friend, bad girl, self absorbed, conceited.
when i walk into the room, and i see a lisa i automaticly leave the room while gaging myself.
by blake jjjjj October 18, 2008
540 678
One of the prettiest girls ive ever seen. An english girl name Lisa
by English wannabe August 19, 2003
360 563
the sexiest woman alive who is gorgeous loves french fries a skinny little biatch who loves men!!!!!!!!
Yo tori did you see Lisa stutting her stuff last night

hellz yeaa shes my best friend
by Lisamybitch January 29, 2008
537 753