A really talented, smart girl who is the biggest perfectionist ever. She's always doing crafty things, and strives to be the best person she can be. She is the best friend you'll have, and she's great in bed.
Example 1.
Aidan: "What's that?"
Christina: "That's the blanket my friend made me."
Aidan: "Lisa?"
Christina: "Yeah, she's the best friend ever!"

Example 2.
Marcus: "I had the best sex last night!"
Stacey: "You totally slept with Lisa"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011
She is the girl everyone wants. She taunts and flaunts and she still makes you wait for what you want. Mysterious and intrigueing. Fascinating and full of life, this girl will ignite your fire and every desire.
That girl Lisa, has got it goin' on every which way!
by Revolutionary003 February 04, 2010
beautiful and FULL OF LIFE!!
loves everybody and will do anything for anybody.
by Lisa September 03, 2004
An absolutely amazing girl, beautiful beyond compare with a nickname she totally hates. The greatest taste in music and and a wonderful body, a presence so intoxicating it kills me. What she lacks in vocabulary she makes up for in capactiy to love unconditionally. She is perfect and I love her ridiculiously.
"Yeah brah, thats Lisa"
by drdog March 20, 2012
Lisa is a crazy, funny, smart and beautiful girl with dark brown eyes and dark hair when her crazy acts up you can't blame her for it she's fun to be around and always knows how to make you smile when your sad she loves to protest and complain with stuff she knows isn't right that's why she's my best friend
Angela: who's that girl running around and being crazy

Megan: oh that's Lisa the new girl who loves to have fun

Angela : oh yea her shes so funny and makes everyone happy
by corylover123 August 27, 2013
A lisa is usually a gorgeous blonde bombshell (other hair colours are accepted though) with beautiful hair and eyes. The beauty of a Lisa can easily be compared to that of a vampire (the twilight saga sort) so dont be surprised if they start sparkling in the sunlight. Lisa's also seem to attract the male gender.
Oh lisa its almost as if your sparkling!
by master of the galaxy May 01, 2011
A very popilar name for mostly blond girls... Shy at first sight, but really crazy if you got to know one better. She's always fun to be with and loves joking around and laughing all the time. Lisas don't go outside without a smile on their lips. In a girl group, she's more a tentative one and doesn't like being in the centre of attention. Lisa is always there for her friends and loves shopping, though she's humble. Many guys fall in love with her, because she's all a boy could wish for: great looking, blond hair, gorgeous smile and a body hotter than the carlifornian sun... if you're looking for a warm and loving girlfriend that is down to earth despite her great looking ( actually she knows she does look hot! ) you've come to the right person to fell in love with!
Grab your own Lisa, you won't be disappointed!
by lostthenfound February 05, 2010

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