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one of the most prettiest, hottest, nicest, honesst, real girl in the whole entire world. this girl will make your world a WHOLE LOT better by just being in it. can make guys real horny, sucha turn on ;)
mostly found in relationships with guys named; nick, rick, daniel/dan, jesus, muscleman, christopher, will, nathan, garett, peter, lucas, zeke

She's sucha a lisa!
by gorgeousbabeeeeee February 20, 2011
Lisa is a female who has the body of a goddess. Men are drawn to her amazing looks and her awesome sense of humor. Out of all the females in the world its the Lisa's who rule.
Jason your just like Lisa!
Jason's are Perfect for Lisa's
by dracy basey October 18, 2010
Consecrated to God, Gifted: It must give you a mental lift to be so talented, with such special gifts. When it comes to craft or art, you have a flair; In everything you do you take pride and care. Whatever your interests or talents may be, you shall reach both perfection and mastery.
Lisa is a true Child of the King. I wish I had Lisa's faith. Lisa certainly is talented. Lisa does every job, to perfection. I wish I had a beautiful daughter like Lisa.
by LovinlifeinChrist November 06, 2010