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to pass something or call someone
linx me a fork
ill linx ur cellie
by raheem February 22, 2004
To give someone something
"Yo Alex,linx me some weed"
"who gave you that fubu outfit? Dre linxed it to me"
by Alex March 14, 2005
a man over 60 with hair in his ears and wearing an argyle vest. Usually chases Kittens, Pumas, Cougars, and Jaguars for their sex.
Hey, Check out that Linx stalking me.
by Cure for Boredom April 16, 2010
A user on LUE2.com. I don't know what he does.
linx is dumb.
I don't know who linx is.
by Emerson September 12, 2004